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Kingston HyperX T1 12GB DDR3 1600mhz Review (X58)

Rating: 9.0.

Sandybridge systems have been well received by both the press and the public, with a compelling price to performance ratio. At the higher end of the market however Intel’s X58 platform still remains the performance king, and today we are looking at a high density memory kit from Kingston which is targeting more than just the performance gamer.

Due to 4GB module densities, the HyperX T1 bundle we are reviewing today will allow a full population of 24GB on mainstream X58 motherboards. Not so long ago this amount of memory would have cost well in excess of £1,000, but Kingston are managing to sell this 12GB kit for £140 inc vat.

That said, the Japan disaster may have an adverse effect on the pricing in the near future, but right now this is a fantastic deal. Kingston haven’t commented on potential pricing increases down the line, but it is an educated assumption on our part.

We will put the 12GB of HyperX T1 through the usual paces today but we also want to see how doubling the memory count can enhance memory intensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

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  • Lowfat

    Great kit! I love the idea of 24GB for under 300. count me in.

  • Sloth

    Gamers dont need 12GB. I only edit images for the web, hard to know if I would need this or not, probably not. Wonder what Windows 8 will be like for memory demands. Vista was a hog.

  • Yashmir

    I dislike oversized heatspreaders. no need for them now, they stop fitting of the best heatsinks.

  • John

    Actually its very rare that heatsinks cant be fitted with these kind of heatspreaders. companies like noctua need to look into this with the newest designs and have a cutout section where the ram would be so they DO fit,.

  • Lanek

    Kingston memory? never bought it, thought it was more for pcworld and kids.

  • Marvell

    Wish I could afford an X58 system. the memory is a good price, but the rest of it isnt lol.

  • Nester

    Christ, how much was this system? two 6990s? 990x? liquid cooled. lol. I feel like such a pauper at times. my core 2 duo just blushes everytime I open a review here :p

  • JEskandari

    Hate these enormous heat spreaders ,
    Rather use something like Crucial Ballistic
    series . small and sensible