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Blackberry Playbook will match iPad 2 pricing

Rumours have emerged from KitGuru sources that Blackberry will be matching the iPad 2 £399 price when they release their PlayBook in the UK.

While it seems like a no brainer to be matching Apples retail price, hitting a £399 inc vat price point for a modern performance oriented tablet isn’t an easy achievement – no one else has managed to do it.

When the Playbook is released in the UK, we have reports that RIM will be targeting the 16GB model at £399 inc vat to go directly head to head with Apple’s 16GB iPad 2. So far it seems that this will be the only high profile tablet to match Apple’s entry level pricing.

Apple have really thrown a spanner in the works, as many had expected their iPad 2 to be more expensive, but once again they have moved the goalposts and others are going to follow. With Apple having marketing dominance, if others don’t match their prices then sales could be very thin on the ground.

KitGuru says: Even at the same price, does the Playbook have a chance of selling?

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