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Microsoft Surface is not durable

The cover surrounding the touch panel of Microsoft's Surface tablet, appears to be far from durable, as users are reporting that within mere days of receiving their version, it began to split and come away from the frame.

The problem is being experienced by multiple users, each of them reporting the same thing: where the keyboard magnetically attaches to the main body of the device, the cover seam begins to split. On top of this, many have also reported that the Windows 8 logo hasn't been etched or embossed into the frame and has already begun to wear.

Touch Cover
The peeling thread on the official forums has received a lot of views in comparison to others

Microsoft has yet to comment on this issue, making it difficult to ascertain how many people are affected. It could be that this was simply one bad batch or the entire line itself may be faulty. Most of those experiencing the issue have been given a replacement by Microsoft.

For those of you wanting to avoid this issue yourself, one user on the SurfaceForums suggests the following in order to prevent the split: “I believe the seam can loosen easily if it's bent back and you let the Surface rest on your lap (for example, when you're reclining and reading something) – it's best to disconnect the keyboard when the Surface is being used in this scenario.”

KitGuru Says: Do any of you guys own Surface tablets? Have you experienced this issue? Let us know.

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