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Notebooks with touchscreens to disappear next year

Laptops with touchscreen displays have never really gained popularity because of various reasons. Recently it turned out that the majority of notebook makers and contract manufacturers have ceased to develop mobile PCs in clamshell form-factor with touchscreens and next year such computers will disappear from the market completely. In 2015, …

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MESH launches range of 10 All-In-One PC systems

We had a quick chat about ‘All In One' systems in the KitGuru offices and, almost universally, the only units we had all used was an Apple iMac. Sure, HP pushed hard into this market a few years back, with Acer etc hot on their heals, but the power, styling …

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Valve drops touchscreen from Steam controllers

Valve has taken the bold step to remove the touchscreen from its upcoming commercial release of the Steam Controller, due to the fact that it struggled with backwards compatibility in games that were designed with an Xbox or similar controller in mind. Replacing the central touchscreen will be a standard …

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Microsoft is developing smart walls with tactile feedback

Smart Wall

Touch screens are something that in near 2013 we're pretty used to as a technology and through smartphones we're beginning to take tentative steps into controlling our home, be it through remote access to our PC or through environmental controls. Microsoft however, wants to put that interaction on your wall. …

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India launches £13 tablet for students

Aakash 2

Today the Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee, launched a new tablet aimed at students and low income families. Costing just Rs 1,130 (£13) for those still in further education. The “Aakash 2″ comes with 512MB of RAM, a 1Ghz, processor and a 7” capacitive touch screen. The little device is being manufactured by …

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Microsoft Surface is not durable

Touch Cover

The cover surrounding the touch panel of Microsoft's Surface tablet, appears to be far from durable, as users are reporting that within mere days of receiving their version, it began to split and come away from the frame. The problem is being experienced by multiple users, each of them reporting …

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