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MESH launches range of 10 All-In-One PC systems

We had a quick chat about ‘All In One’ systems in the KitGuru offices and, almost universally, the only units we had all used was an Apple iMac. Sure, HP pushed hard into this market a few years back, with Acer etc hot on their heals, but the power, styling and range of specifications was relatively limited. The latest launch from British system builder MESH, looks to change that. KitGuru prepares to get touchy-feely.

Without looking at the specs in any detail, the idea that you can buy a complete, ready to run, all-in-one (AIO) system with a 19.5″ screen for just £300, does seem like good value. We guess that’s because a top of the range iPad is over £700 and entry level PCs are normally around £300.

MESH’s starting price of £300 feels low, but with an AMD E-2-3000 APU, maybe it’s spot on.

At the other end of the scale, the most powerful system in the range is a 27″ monster with a Core i7 processor, SSD boot drive and 2GB Radeon 8970M graphics at £1,499.


All of the systems are delivered free of charge and come with a 2 year collect and return warranty.

Arguably, the best value system in the range comes in at £1,050 and it’s a 24″ model with 2GB nVidia GeForce GTX 860M graphics.

What caught KitGuru’s eye was the fact that it boots from a 120GB SSD and then offers 1TB of mass storage.

In our experience, everything in life is made better with SSD and that’s especially true for systems where some of the components have their origin in the mobile/laptop space.

The entire MESH range of All-In-One systems comes ‘Ready to Go’ straight from the box and all of the units above £500 include full HD (1920×1080) resolution screens.


KitGuru says: While graphic designers might not want anyone touching their screen, the overwhelming popularity of the iPad and its contemporaries has created an entire generation of users that EXPECTS to be able to reach out and manipulate their online world with a finger. Adding more hardware options must be a good thing and, so far, the pricing seems pretty reasonable.

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