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Spire is making tablets now

Spire, best known among enthusiasts for its above average coolers and power supplies, is now entering the highly competitive tablet game, with its new nine-inch Bliss touch screen device. Described as having “powerful features,” and set to cost £100, this one will be going head to head with the more budget range of tablets out there and will quite easily undercut anything Apple has to offer.

Internally, we’re looking at a Allwinner A13 1.2GHz CPU, a 800×480 pixels touch screen display with a scratch free cover, dual cameras with a horribly low 0.3MP resolution and micro-SD card support. Software wise, the Bliss is running Android 4.0.


Nothing particularly exciting in the box, with just the tablet itself, a micro-USB cable, a manual, warranty service card (which is good for two years) and the power adaptor.

There will be two versions available in the end, though they aren’t differentiated in any way as far as I can tell – apart from the price. One is $150 USD, whilst the “pro” version is $160. If anyone can spot the difference between this version and this version, please let me know.

The Bliss tablets are now available in China, but will be purchaseable by those of us in Europe sometime in September.

Kitguru Says: I’m not particularly clued up on tablets unfortunately. The screen seems like a decent size, but without a competent GPU this isn’t going to hefty on the 3D gaming. What do you guys reckon? A good deal, or not?

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