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Samsung Galaxy Tab, over 600,000 sold already.

Well it looks as if Samsung are off to a good start with their Galaxy Tab, selling over 600,000 units in a month.

Google Android has proven popular so far, and this is helping Samsung sell huge numbers in the first month of release. The 2.2 OS has received great reviews and have proven a great, free alternative to Apple’s market leading iOS platform.

The Galaxy Tab has been launched mid October and reached the US last week, after selling 30,000 units in Korea via SK Telecom. The pricing in the US is between $400 and $650, dependent on the contract and data plan taken. Samsung have however apparently dropped production of the Tab by half with many saying that the market while big, has been overestimated by many manufacturers. The Macbook Air has been selling well and analyst Kumar said that it is going to cannibalise iPad sales as people miss the overall productivity of a ‘full laptop’ system.

Samsung predicted earlier this year that they would sell 1 million Tabs by end of 2010 and it looks as if they are on track to exceed this goal easily, especially once the lucrative US market jump onboard.

KitGuru says: They still have some ways to go to catch the 7.2 million iPads sold however, but it is a very strong starting point.

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