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Microsoft Surface 2 4G gets UK release date

The 4G version of Microsoft's much improved Surface 2 tablet will be coming to the UK next month, Microsoft has confirmed. Currently only WiFi models are available and with networks getting stricter on mobile tethering, its getting harder to use your tablet to get online while on the road.

The 4G version will cost £539 and will hit store shelves on the 8th of May but you can pre-order it now from the Microsoft Store. The 4G version is quite a bit more expensive than the WiFi only models, which range in price from £359 for the 32GB all the way up to £439 for a 64GB option. That said, the 4G Surface 2 will come with the full 64GB of storage and is still cheaper than Apple's highest iPad offering which costs £739 for 128GB and £659 for the 64GB model.


Microsoft's tablet runs Windows RT, which hasn't been well received and lacks when it comes to Windows 8 app compatibility. However, the second generation of Surface tablets have been better received compared to the original models. With the rollout of 4G data, many mobile data plans no longer include unlimited tethering or tethering at all, meaning 4G connected tablets may become a necessity to those who need to get work done on the road.

KitGuru Says: The Surface 2 came out last November so this version has taken a while to reach the UK. That said, we don't have that much 4G coverage around the country yet aside from major cities so it might not be worth the extra price for most people.

Source: Cnet

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