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HP Slate doesn’t rise to Apple challenge – only 9,000 built

Whether you love them or loathe them, Apple have pretty much still got the tablet PC market covered, especially when we hear that the HP Slate hasn’t risen to the ‘Apple challenge’.

The iPad sells around 46,000 units a day and it has done for the last quarter. The HP Slate has been listed as having a total run of 9,000 units.

Hewlett Packard were promoting the Slate as a new generation of Microsoft Tablet PCs running Windows 7 under the new title of ‘Slate PC’. The inclusion of a ‘full’ windows operating system was a key selling point, especially after the failure of Windows CE in a similar market.

Engadget said that a ‘trusted tipster’ told it that HP only “ever planned a limited production run of 5,000 units” and “apparently had to re-hire production workers just to get the presses printing out tablets again, and are presently placating angry customers by offering them over $100 off their $800 purchase as apology.”

On their website HP said “due to extraordinary demand, the HP slate is on backorder. Orders are expected to ship in 6 weeks. Order now to reserve your place in the queue.”

KitGuru says: Is this the first sign that Apple now dominate this market and that nothing else will be able to offer a serious challenge?

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