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Kindle sales grow – AT&T to sell instore in US

AT&T have announced that it is going to start selling the Amazon Kindle e-reader in its retail stores starting this Sunday. The sales of Amazon's Kindle have been phenomenal and while many people just focus on the iPad, the sales figures for the latest Amazon tablet have been continually growing.

While Amazon won't reveal exact sales figures, they say that this unit is the best selling item ever on the Amazon store. The £152 ($189) reader downloads e-books over 3G connections in the UK, or over AT&T's 3G network in the US and they want to offer the product to their physical store customers. Additionally, unlike smart phones or tablet computers, people can buy the Kindle from AT&T without having to commit to a monthly data subscription. Once people buy the Kindle they can surf the web and download books as often as they wish, with Amazon handling the bandwidth data fees from sales of books.

For those who find the 3G capable version too expensive, then the Wifi only version is significantly cheaper at £111 inc vat. You can connect to the Kindle store for purchases, across your local network.

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