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BT: US telecom companies stifle competition

Breaking America is difficult, whether you're a pop star or a giant telecoms company, apparently. UK based BT has called on U.S. regulators to change the current laws on the sale of network usage, making it possible for different companies to access each other's network at a regulated price. As …

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Kindle sales grow – AT&T to sell instore in US

AT&T have announced that it is going to start selling the Amazon Kindle e-reader in its retail stores starting this Sunday. The sales of Amazon's Kindle have been phenomenal and while many people just focus on the iPad, the sales figures for the latest Amazon tablet have been continually growing. …

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AT&T spend billions on networking enhancements

AT&T have been sending out news releases and letters to their customers in the last few days which is firing speculation that the carrier may be coming to the final days of the exclusivity deal with the Apple iPhone in the U.S. AT&T have said that this speculation has been …

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AT&T iPad IDs leaked to ‘Goatse security’

AT&T Inc. were left in a bad situation yesterday when they had to apologise to their userbase stating that a security hole in their website has exposed iPad users email addresses. Goatse Security, a small group of ‘computer experts' said they were responsible for the attack and that they had …

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