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Samsung Galaxy S III United States Carrier Roundup

Yesterday Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S III model that is headed to five major American carriers later this month. Today all five carriers have announced their launch details for the dual-core powered Samsung flagship. If you want specifications of the US variant, be sure to read our article from yesterday.

Five major carriers have today revealed their Galaxy S III launch plans

First off AT&T's Galaxy S III will go on pre-order on June 6th for $199 on contract. Sadly AT&T will only be supplying the 16 GB version but tries to make up for this with a 16 GB MicroSD card for “just” $39. In addition to the white and blue colours, AT&T will also have an exclusive red model available later this summer.

Verizon's Galaxy will also be available for pre-order this Wednesday and both 16 GB and 32 GB models will be available. The smaller one will set you back $199, the other $249. Verizon buyers will be restricted to the standard white and blue colours.

T-Mobile USA has announced they will be carrying the phone from the 21st of June but pricing options have not been made public just yet. Both 16 GB and 32 GB models will be available in both standard colour schemes.

Sprint will be offering the Galaxy S III for the same prices as Verizon ($199 for 16 GB model, $249 for 32 GB model) but offers unlimited data and Google Wallet as pros over other carriers. Pre-orders begin today (June 5th) and units will start shipping from the 21st of June.

Finally, U.S. Celluar will have the 16 GB model in both blue and white, but it appears they will only stock the 32 GB model in white. Pricing will be revealed on June 12th and you will be able to pre-order yours from this date. It will be in stores sometime in July.

KitGuru says: Well done to Samsung and the carriers for creating a seemingly successful US launch thus far.

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