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HTC partners with Usain for the ‘Bolt’ smartphone


HTC’s smartphone business hasn’t been going too well in recent years. Its flagship devices have failed to find the strong market they needed to be a life-saver for the company, though it has found some success in 2016 with its VR ventures. However this doesn’t mean it’s giving up on phones. …

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Burger King now offers smartphones in the US

Apparently there is room left in the Android smartphone market after all as fast food chain, Burger King, has begun offering up subsidized Android smartphones over in the US. You won’t be able to pick up your device along with your burger though as smartphone orders have to be placed online. …

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The robot uprising is now wireless

The creation of super batteries, wearable armour plating and augmented strength suits are a double edged sword. While on one hand, it could potentially turn us all into Iron Man, it’s also giving rise to the creation of fast, powerful and now wireless robots that will surely one day overthrow …

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