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Nokia culling executive board for reinvigoration plan

Nokia have been having a tough 12 months, and the latest reports we have heard from industry insiders suggest that several leading Nokia executives are expected to leave the board.

CEO Stephen Elop has apparently new plans to revigorate Nokia in 2011 and their executive board is made up of 10 top executives within the organisation. We haven’t heard how many are set to leave, but a source close to KitGuru told us that 3 or4 people were being shortlisted.

Nokia CEO and ex Microsoft man: Stephen Elop

Stephen Elop is expected to announce his new plan and direction on Friday during an analyst meeting and it appears that people who will be asked to leave, will not be told under Thursday at the earliest. Elop has said in private circles that he is deciding how much he wants to keep Finnish talent in the team, which suggest he might bring in new executives from other countries with fresh ideas on how they can retake the market.

Another topic of conversation will be the analyst suggestion that Elop ditch the Symbian operating system in favour of Microsoft’s WIndows Phone 7. This may also make a topic of conversation in the analyst call on Friday.

Stephen Elop is a Canadian citizen and he replaced Olli Pekka Kallasvuo as Nokia CEO last September. He worked for Microsoft from January 2008 until then as head of the Business Division, responsible for the Microsoft Office line of products and as a member of the companies senior leadership team. He was also COO of Juniper Networks, president of worldwide field operations at Adobe Systems and CEO of Macromedia until they were acquired by Adobe.

KitGuru says: We hope to see a stronger year from Nokia and this might be a good move from Elop.

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