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iPad 2 launching this month, on sale March – new carbon fibre material?

Latest rumours to hit Kitguru from Taipei indicate that Apple are due to launch the iPad 2 later this month, and will release it for sale one month later in March.

There have been so many rumours and so much debate of the hardware included in the iPad 2 that no one really knows the final product specifications. Initially rumours indicated that the iPad would include an insanely high resolution retina screen, but it appears that this has been debunked thanks to a information that leaked indicating a Phillips 9.7 inch XGA 1024×768 display. We would assume the iPad 3 will be the product with the ultra high resolution panel, but that will be expected some time away, at least March 2012.

An exciting rumour that reached us a few days ago would suggest that Apple are developing new accessories that will communicate with the near field radio chips built into the new iPad and iPhones. One form this could take, would be to inform other Apple devices without the need for a Bluetooth or similar connection.

Apple have also signed a patent for a carbon fiber style material and some experts have hinted that the new material might make a debut with the iPad 2 , rather than the aluminum chassis Apple are renowned for selling. Could this dramatically reduce the weight of the iPad?

KitGuru says: The rumour mill is buzzing with the imminent release of the iPad 2.

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