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Microsoft are working on their own Amazon Go rival

Whilst Amazon is currently at the forefront of a cashier-less shopping experience, Microsoft is looking to try its hand at it as well. This week, it was discovered that Microsoft is working on its own system that can track what shoppers add to their baskets.

According to a report from Reuters, Microsoft is working on this technology to launch its own ‘Amazon Go' style shopping experience. Microsoft has apparently begun showing off its prototypes to retailers across the world, including US giants like Walmart.

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It looks as though Microsoft’s technology will allow other less tech-minded retailers to offer the checkout-less experience without having to invest time and money into R&D.

Amazon Go is the biggest competitor to this new venture by Microsoft. The physical Amazon store is currently the only one to offer a cashier-less experience, allowing customers to walk in, take what they need, and be charged for it after leaving the store. The Amazon Go store is even based in Seattle, close to Microsoft's home-base, so its not too surprising that the company is looking into  doing something similar.

There is no concrete date for when Microsoft’s new tech will come to market, so it could be a while yet before we see anyone other than Amazon offer a cashier-less shopping experience.

KitGuru Says: Microsoft could be onto something big if they offer a good tracking system to some of the world’s largest retailers. Do you think Microsoft can offer a better checkout-free experience than Amazon?

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