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While the proliferation of gaming chairs has been impressive over recent years, so has the advent of gaming/driving frames, system tables, bean bags and gaming sofas. Almost a third of KitGuru readers will be considering new tech-furniture this year – so check the products that impressed us the most.

Edge GX1 - Simply Outstanding

It's not often we'd review a gaming chair and think it was worth £1000. But that is exactly how we feel about the Edge GX1 - it offers a simply unbeatable experience for a gaming chair, with unrivalled comfort and ergonomics. Add in extra features including negative tilt and inflatable lumbar support, and the Edge GX1 really is the complete package.

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noblechairs HERO

noblechairs quickly built-up an excellent reputation for its gaming chairs, and the HERO only cements that. It's got a large, well-built frame that offers excellent comfort and ergonomics without breaking the bank. We also like the sleek design, and the 2-year warranty is the cherry on top.

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AKRacing Core Series EX

Designed to offer 'a back to basics' experience, the AKRacing Core Series EX is a well-built chair that is nice and comfortable to sit in. We are very impressed with the ten-year warranty on the chair's frame, and what's more - it will only set you back £230.

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noblechairs Icon Real Leather

The Icon is a top design from noblechairs, and here it gets a luxurious upgrade with real leather upholstery. Easy to assemble, with exceptional build quality and refined looks, it is an excellent option for the discerning gamer.

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Nitro Concepts S300

If you're not looking to spend several hundred pounds on a chair, Nitro Concepts would point you towards the S300. It's still easy to build and features a breathable fabric covering, while only setting you back around £215.

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