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Microsoft Xbox One set to get mouse and keyboard support

It is not a secret that Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One game console will get its own version of Windows 10 operating system, but it is not completely clear what that OS will support and what it will not. Apparently, according to the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, the upcoming OS will, among other things, bring full support for keyboards and mice.

Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, confirmed in a Twitter post that Xbox One will get support for keyboards and mice, which will help it to stream games from personal computers. Moreover, support of keyboards and mice will transform Xbox One into a fully-fledged living-room personal computer.

“Keyboard and mouse support for Xbox would need to be there for this [streaming of PC games to Xbox One] to work, those are not far away,” said Mr. Spencer in a post.


Streaming PC games to Xbox One will mean another competitive advantage of the console compared to Sony’s PlayStation 4. In particular, this will allow the console to run realtime strategy games and other genres not available on video game consoles. Moreover, it will help Microsoft to further expand market of applications and games for Windows 10.

As it appears, Microsoft is aggressively expanding capabilities of Xbox One in a bid to improve its popularity among end-users going forward. Unfortunately, at present it is unclear what goals Microsoft has and how it plans to differentiate between Xbox One and gaming PCs.

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KitGuru Says: The big question is how far Microsoft wants to go with improving feature-set of Xbox One. The console is essentially a PC tailored for video games, but if Microsoft just turns Xbox One into a personal computer, then it will be evident that this PC is actually a low-end system without a lot of performance under the hood…

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