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An old character is tipped to return in Witcher 3 expansion

Fans of the original Witcher game will be happy to hear this as a rather important old character appears to be set to make a return in one of The Witcher: Wild Hunt's upcoming expansions. Back in the first game, players were introduced to the character Shani, a friend to Geralt who resided in Vizima and helped look after the sick and injured in the city.

She was pretty important to the story, having initially looked after Alvin at the start of the first game. However, despite her large presence in the first game, Shani was absent in the sequel though it seems CD Projekt Red has not forgotten about her as a character resembling her appears on a new image advertising the ‘Heart of Stone' expansion pack.

Witcher 3

Heart of Stone is the first expansion set to launch in October this year with a new 10-hour quest line. The expansion will take Geralt back in to Velen to venture through no man's land. The second expansion, Blood and Wine will release early next year and will be a bit longer with a 20-hour quest line.

Not much is known about either expansion story-wise but it seems the developers are keen to bring back some familiar faces and nods back to the older games in the series.

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KitGuru Says: How many of you played through the first and second Witcher games before the third one came out? Any past characters you would like to see return in one of the future expansions? 

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