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Display-Z can display all your old graphic cards

When you've rushed out to buy a brand new graphic card that costs as much as a small holiday, you can't wait to get it home and install it. With promises of pixel processing paradise still ringing in your ears, the screws come flying off the back of your chassis as you word furiously to get the new card installed. KitGuru pauses for a second to consider the old card that's just been decommissioned.

In reality, it's just like a scene from Toy Story. We're all ‘Andy'. The new toy coming in is all shiny and new, while the old one gets discarded in a dusty draw and eventually gets moth-balled when we move home etc.

The same thing was happening to James Anderson, who – 6 months ago – pulled an old PC out of storage, powered it up and started playing his old games on a Voodoo 3 2000 card. Surely the card's service to his gaming pleasure deserved more than a cobwebbed-tomb?

At that moment, inspiration struck, and Display-z was born.

James is now onto his 4th generation design. But what is it?

Skinny or phat, James Anderson has a powder-coated desk stand for you

Display-Z is a special base unit made from powder-coated 6061-T6 aluminium (hand tooled by a family run machining company in Lafayette, Indiana) and they come in black, silver and white.

There is a small connector unit as well, and this can be supplied in the customer's choice of Black, Grey, White, Red, Green or Blue.

He has now developed multiple versions of this neat/unique holder and he's pushing hard to get to market.

James is now looking for people to invest in his start-up, so he can improve his processes even more and reduce costs for the Display-Z so that any gamer/enthusiast can afford a base unit to showcase the ‘graphic card of their childhood dreams'. You can find out more about the project and what you can do to support James over here. Remember, if he gets his base-funding in place, then the programme will kick start his project properly.

The idea is wonderfully simple: Choose a colour for the aluminium base and the actual holder section, plug in your old graphics card and, voila, you have your very own desktop art!

KitGuru says: We love the idea. Sure, to complete the product it would be nice to have a perspex cover with integrated LED lighting, so your old card could shine forever – but even having it sit on your desk would put a smile on your face an bring the memories flooding back.

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