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What happens when Magic pros make a card game? Eternal

Hearthstone has been a hugely successful game for Blizzard, because it took elements of Magic the Gathering, streamlined it and made it more accessible to everyone. Eternal is looking to take the next step on that developmental ladder, taking inspiration from MtG, Hex and Hearthstone, to create something that blends …

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Contactless card payment limit raised to £30

The limit for how much people can spend when using the contactless card payment system is being raised to £30, as usage of the quick and easy technology increases exponentially. Previously, those paying without inputting their pin-code would only be able to spend up to £20 as a security measure, …

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Display-Z can display all your old graphic cards

When you've rushed out to buy a brand new graphic card that costs as much as a small holiday, you can't wait to get it home and install it. With promises of pixel processing paradise still ringing in your ears, the screws come flying off the back of your chassis …

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