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What happens when Magic pros make a card game? Eternal

Hearthstone has been a hugely successful game for Blizzard, because it took elements of Magic the Gathering, streamlined it and made it more accessible to everyone. Eternal is looking to take the next step on that developmental ladder, taking inspiration from MtG, Hex and Hearthstone, to create something that blends them all together in a competitive trading card game.

Showcased for the first time in a new video by developer, Dire Wolf Digital, Eternal looks to blend different parts of the various competitive card games that are out there, in order to make something that doesn't feel as imbalanced as the others can on occasion. To help avoid that, Dire Wolf Digital has some of the best Magic the Gathering players in the world helping it playtest.

Take for example Luis Scott-Vargas, considered by many as one of the all-time greats at MtG. He jumps in to commentate on the new video of Eternal, showing off some of the available strategy options. But more than that he shows how strong the AI is in the game, offering a real challenge because it's based on some of the playstyles of the best CCG players in the world.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX0MdD_tt-o']

It's also quite a pretty game. The art isn't on the same level as Hearthstone, but it has a hand drawn charm to it that with a little bit more work could be very striking.

Although not much is known about Eternal right now, it clearly blends together several key elements of the various card games available at the moment. Dire Wolf Digital also has a lot of experience making these types of games, as it's currently working on the Elder Scrolls CCG and CardCraft.

Though with all of them set to debut this year, you have to wonder if it might be stretching itself a bit thin.

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KitGuru Says: I'm down for another CCG. Especially when it's new and I can feel like a pro for the early wins until everyone gets better than me. It'll be like Rocket League all over again. 

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