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Kingston HyperX Cloud White gaming headset gallery

Since I previously reviewed the Kingston HyperX Cloud headset earlier this year – giving it a good score too – I was a little surprised to receive another through the door. Of course though while this new one is almost identical to the original, it does feature a brand new white paint job.

With that in mind, I won’t be going into full-review-mode for this one, but here’s a little gallery so you can make your own judgements on the new scheme and whether it makes you feel any more or less likely to buy one.




The white paint job is very clean. It might not stay that way forever, but it looks smart fresh out of the box

The headband and earcups are still made of memory foam, so are as comfortable as ever


If you don’t want to use the mic port, there’s a little rubber stopper to keep it protected from dust

And if you don’t like the faux leather, there’s also velour ear cups as an alternative option

Both versions of the headset can be found on Overclockers.co.uk for £54. Read our earlier review over here.

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