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Focal Utopia takes the crown as world’s most expensive headphones

We all know that being an audiophile can get very expensive very quickly. In-fact, we’ve previously reviewed some of the best headphones and amps that money can buy. However, none of those were quite as expensive as the Focal Utopia, a new pair of headphones created by Tournaire, hitting the market with an eye watering $120,000 price tag.

The Focal Utopia takes the crown as the world’s most expensive pair of headphones, beating out Onkyo’s new diamond-encrusted H900Ms. The Focal Utopia is created by a French Hi-Fi specialist in collaboration with Maison Tournaire, a jewellery specialist.


As you can see from the image, these headphones are designed with 18 carat gold plates, which in turn are embedded with six carat diamonds, all handcrafted in the Tournaire workshop. Obviously, this aspect of the design bumps up the price considerably.

As What HiFi points out, some of the profits generated by this $120,000 pair of cans will go to the P’tit Louis Association, which is dedicated to saving an eight year old boy with a rare degenerative muscle disease.

KitGuru Says: Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on the headphones themselves, so we have no idea what’s going on underneath the shiny black and gold exterior. Either way though, if you are spending $120,000 on a pair of headphones, they better sound damn good.

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  • Lucas

    Question: won’t all that embellishment affect the quality of the sound? At the very least comfort? I like my headset to be light so I barely notice it, but heavy enough to be snug. Adding a bunch of jewels seems to make that a problem (also, I doubt you’d wear this baby walking down the street).

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  • roflcake

    I like Focal they make some beautiful stuff but this is one of the ugliest headphones i have ever seen