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Sharkoon’s Gaming DAC Pro S will upgrade your audio at a sensible price

A lot of us PC gamers take great pride in our gear and setups but audio is often overlooked. On-board motherboard audio has improved over the years but having a dedicated headphone DAC still provides a better overall experience. Sharkoon hopes to capture the budget-minded crowd in this segment with the new Gaming DAC Pro S.

The Gaming DAC Pro S uses a high-resolution sampling frequency of 96KHz at 24 bits, so it should bring out the best audio your headphones can offer. It will also help with ensuring you are getting the clearest audio when using virtual surround sound, giving a more accurate determination of direction and distance of what is going on in-game.

The Gaming DAC Pro S is designed to be as simple as possible too. It is a plug and play digital-to-analogue converter, so all you need to do is hook it up to a USB port and then plug your headphones or speakers in. An extra adaptor is also included in the box so that this can be used with Android devices.

The signal-to-noise ratio here is 100 decibels, so it should do a decent job of cleaning up audio without distortion or interference. It is sensibly priced too, coming in at €29.99.

KitGuru Says: I use a pair of Sennheisser HD650s so using an AMP and DAC has been an important part of my PC setup for quite some time now. If you have a nice pair of headphones and want to get the best out of them, then something like this might be worth a shot.

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