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Corsair Vengeance 1100 Gaming Headset Review

Being a neckband-style headset, the Vengeance 1100 feels very different from an over-the-head headset.  The earpieces sit on your ears, secured by the neckband which hooks over the top of each ear.  While this makes it less comfortable than an over-the-head style headset, Corsair have done a good job of keeping discomfort to a minimum.  After a few hours of use it does become a little uncomfortable but we would say that the Vengeance 1100 is one of the most comfortable neckband-style headset we've tested and the neckband design is definitely superior to that of the SteelSeries Siberia Neckband.

There are areas in which a neckband-style headset trumps the more comfortable over-the-head variety, namely size and weight.  These attributes make the Vengeance 1100 well suited for those who travel a lot.  It is clear that Corsair are targeting these people as they bundle a compact carrying case and USB sound card dongle with the headset, two items which are very useful if you game on a laptop.

We began our performance tests with Medal of Honor to test the FPS gaming ability of the headset.  We found the sound balance to be well suited to FPS gaming, with gunshots and explosions being prominent but not overexposed.  While footsteps were audible over more prominent noises, the sound directionality was noticeably less obvious than with a virtual or dedicated surround-sound headset.

Next we moved onto the multimedia performance of the headset, starting with the movie playback performance.  In the opening sequence of ‘The Dark Knight', the bass notes were rendered with prominence but, again, there was a noticeable lack of sound directionality when compared to a virtual surround sound headset.  The sound balance of the headset was well-suited to most genres of music we tried although some users may find that the bass isn't quite prominent enough for some types of music.  The mid-high tones were more prominent and rendered clearly throughout our tests.

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