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SteelSeries Xai Gaming Mouse Review

Rating: 9.0.

Many gamers will agree that mice are the most important peripheral of all for gaming.  It is therefore imperative that gamers can choose a gaming mouse which is well-suited to their needs.

These days there is a huge choice of different gaming mice which offer a variety of different features.

SteelSeries may not be the first manufacturer that comes to mind when thinking of gaming peripherals but they certainly do have an impressive product range including the Siberia V2 headset that we recently reviewed.

Today we’re going to look at their latest gaming mouse, the SteelSeries Xai.

The Xai has been designed in conjunction with professional gaming teams for optimum performance.  It boasts a class-leading specification which is sure to whet the appetites of gamers across the globe.



100 – 5001CPI (in 1CPI increments)

Maximum Tracking Speed

150+ IPS (inches per second)

Maximum Acceleration


Polling Rate

125 – 1000Hz (1Hz increments)

Frames per second


Sensor data path

True 16-bit

Lift Distance

~1mm (auto-adjusting)`




2m / 6.5ft (braided)


125.5 x 68.3 x 38.7 mm / 4.94 x 2.69 x 1.52 in

Operating System

Win 2000/XP/Vista/7 / Mac OSX (software windows only)

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