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Thrustmaster T248 is the company’s first next-gen hybrid racing wheel

This week, Thrustmaster has introduced the T248, the company's first next-generation hybrid racing wheel. Compatible with PS4, PS5 and PC, the T248 is aimed at those looking to upgrade from a controller or beginner's racing wheel to something a bit more immersive and high-end. 

Featuring a ‘Hybrid Drive' belt and gear system, the T248 offers Force Feedback to avoid counterintuitive sensations and friction issues. There's also a race dashboard display with 20 layouts that can be configured to show the wheel's rotation angle, Force Feedback type, gear ratio, speed, number of laps, driver's position, best time and more.

The T248 has three Force Feedback settings to choose from: FFB 1, FBB 2 and FBB 3. In the first, the force felt by the user is proportional to the force the game requests. FBB 2 offers better skid control through enhanced Force Feedback. Lastly, FBB 3 allows users to feel all racing effects, including rumble strips, skidding off-track, and so on.

Employing Thrustmaster's contactless magnetic technology, the paddle shifters included with the T248 are rated with a 30ms response time for increased precision. Additionally, the included T3PM pedal set also features this same technology.

The T248, which includes the T3PM pedal set, is now available to pre-order for £299.99/$399.99/€349.99, with the first shipments expected arrive on the 21st of October.

KitGuru says: Are any of you currently setting up or upgrading a racing simulator? What do you think of the latest wheel and pedal set from Thrustmaster? 

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