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Razer redefines gaming keyboards with new mechanical switches

Razer, a leading maker of PC peripherals designed for gamers, has introduced its new BlackWidow-series keyboards that use the all-new mechanical switches which were designed specifically for gamers.

Keyboards with mechanical switches have a number of advantages over mainstream keyboards that use dome switches or buckling spring switches since they provide tactile feedback and emit click noise when pressed. However, the majority of mechanical switches were designed for typing, not gaming, in mind. As a result, it takes more time to press and “unpress” them than many gamers would desire. In a bid to improve keyboards with mechanical switches and make them more comfortable for gamers and those who type fastly, Razer decided to design a switch for gaming keyboards from the ground up.


The all-new Razer mechanical switches have an optimized set of actuation and reset points that improve gaming performance. The new switches reduce actuation point of a key to about 1.9mm (down from typical 2.2mm) and shrink the distance between the actuation and reset point to around 0.4mm (from 0.7mm). The Razer mechanical switch is designed to actuate at a short into the keystroke, and reset itself to fire again at less than half the distance of standard mechanical switches. This allows for blazing fast actuations without having the need to bottom down into the keystroke each time.

The actuation force remained at around 50 grams for the “green: switch that “clicks” as well as 45 grams for the silent “orange” switches.


The Razer mechanical switches are manufactured by a third-party manufacturer (presumably, by Cherry) and are available for volume purchases by other makers of gaming hardware.

The new switches are used in various new BlackWidow keyboards, including BlackWidow Ultimate, BlackWidow and BlackWidow Tournament.

KitGuru Says: Razer typically knows what exactly it does, so when it says that the new switches enable faster response, it does not lie. What will be interesting to see is whether the new switches enable higher comfort and accuracy when typing than traditional Cherry MX ones… 

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