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Wooting ONE – Gradual movement on a keyboard, just like a controller joystick!

Technology is always advancing and sometimes it can be hard to keep up! When the Wooting ONE landed on my doorstep it looked very unassuming with nothing too flashy or exciting on show. However after taking a closer look I noticed the tech hidden inside was far from boring and couldn't believe that I was completely oblivious to this keyboards existence. I just had to share it with the Kitguru readers! 

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (below) or over on Youtube at 2160p HERE

The Wooting ONE features analog switches from flaretech that seem to provide a great advantage for gamers. The pressure sensitive keys can detect exactly how far down you’ve pressed a key just like using the joystick on a controller.

I can't wait to see more keyboards featuring analog switches and am glad that we are seeing more peripheral tech to improve the PC gaming experience!

If you're interested in the Wooting ONE a link to their website can be found here: www.wooting.nl/wootingone

KitGuru says: Let us know in the comments if you think analog tech is a must have for gamers or if you think it's a silly overpriced gimmick that's not for you.

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