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CM Storm Mech Gaming Keyboard Review


CM Storm supply a software utility with the Mech which lets us configure macros and set up the keyboard as desired. This is very similar to other CM Storm utilities we’ve seen in the past.


The interface spans three different tabs. The first tab handles button assignments, and lets us set different functions for all of the keys on the keyboard. There are a number of key functions available to choose from, including single key functions and macros.


On the second page, we are able to set up the different keyboard profiles. There is room for five different profiles which can be switched on-the-fly.


Moving on to the third and final page, we find the macro editor. This is fairly comprehensive and features a simple table interface which lets us set up complicated timings and simultaneous key presses.


The performance of the Mech will vary quite considerably based on your choice of switch. Like most mechanical gaming keyboards on the market, the Mech features Cherry MX switches which are favoured by most enthusiasts. Unlike most keyboards, there is actually a choice of switch with the Mech- as it’s available with Red, Brown and Blue switches.


Each type of switch has a different feel and action. Red switches don’t offer tactile feedback like the blue and brown switches, which are differentiated by the weight required to depress them. Our particular sample features Blue switches.

We would recommend that you research which type of switch will suit you best before purchasing. They all feel very different and each type will appeal to a different set of users.

The Mech cannot really be faulted in terms of raw gaming performance. The use of Cherry MX switches between most high-end gaming keyboards these days makes the physical experience nearly identical.

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