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Gorgeous Gigabyte Keyboard set to sell, Aivia!

KitGuru was invited to a special presentation in London earlier today and we'll tell you more about the secret stuff we saw in a little while – including the world's fastest graphics card (single GPU category).

But first, here's something very cute that we just could not wait to bring you. It's the latest and greatest keyboard in Gigabyte's AIVIA range.

You thinking what we're thinking? Lamborghini, right?

Attached to this stunning new keyboard is Christine Cheng, Gigabyte marketing guru, who spent half an hour with yours truly today – explaining all of the cool new features this keyboard brings to the market.

We'll go into detail on the keyboard and its functionality/special features soon enough, but this shot really does make the whole prospect very attractive.

Wonder how important this logo will become to serious gamers?

AIVIA - the shape of keyboard things to come

KitGuru says: If this keyboard plays as well as it looks, then Razer could see a cut in sales.

Initial thoughts below, in-depth discussion in the KitGuru forums.

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