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Razer to license its case designs to third-party case manufacturers

Razer is probably among the most creative companies in the world of high-quality hardware for enthusiasts and gamers. The company has made numerous innovations and is clearly very respected by its customers. However, given the relatively limited resources of Razer, it is impossible to address every possible market segment, which …

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Somebody please help Razer make Project Christine

Razer has always been known for pushing the boundaries of peripherals, by gunning for high end optical and laser sensors and coating their creations in beautifully soft rubber, but when it comes to reinventing the wheel that is the desktop, nobody wants to help it out. But somebody should, because …

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Gorgeous Gigabyte Keyboard set to sell, Aivia!

KitGuru was invited to a special presentation in London earlier today and we'll tell you more about the secret stuff we saw in a little while – including the world's fastest graphics card (single GPU category). But first, here's something very cute that we just could not wait to bring …

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