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Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard updated with new linear key switch option

It has been just over a year since we first got our hands on the Razer Huntsman Elite opto-mechanical keyboard. At launch, Razer included tactile switches but now, there is also an option for those that prefer a linear key switch instead.

The Razer Huntsman Elite is already an excellent mechanical gaming keyboard. However, razer has gone one step further by giving users the choice of faster, linear switches. The new optional linear switches will appeal to users who are looking for a smoother and quieter alternative over tactile, clicky switches.

This brings the Huntsman Elite more in-line with Razer's other mechanical keyboards, which offer a range of different switch options. For instance, the BlackWidow series has Razer Green clicky switches,  Razer Orange switches for those who prefer tactile feedback but don't like audible clicks and Razer Yellow switches for those who want to do away with tactile feedback entirely.


The Huntsman Elite is a little different from Razer's other mechanical keyboards though. Instead of using a traditional switch design, the Huntsman Elite uses optical sensors to eliminate the number of moving parts and send keypress signals to your PC at a faster rate. The purple switches are the clicky, tactile optical switches. Now, there are red switches too, which are linear, removing additional noise and tactile feedback.

The red switches are said to be Razer's fastest actuating switches yet due to the lack of ‘bump' in each key press, combined with an infrared light been that detects as soon as a key press is made.

Aside from key switch changes, the Razer Huntsman Elite remains the same in terms of design, offering dedicated media keys, a multi-functional dial, full Chroma RGB lighting and a padded wrist rest. Pricing is the same too, with the Razer Huntsman Elite costing £199.99 on Razer’s online store.

KitGuru says: A linear switch option was bound to arrive eventually and now, it is officially here. How many of you currently use a mechanical keyboard? Do you prefer tactile or linear switches? 

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