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Cooler Master Octane M35 and MB7C review

Considering the Cooler Master Octane gaming bundle can be found for as little as £40, the performance it showed was surprising. Of course neither the MB7C keyboard nor the M35 mouse are going to break any records or set performance standards, but that is not what they are for. They offer a decent upgrade for the younger gamer on a budget.

The keyboard looks good, has some basic backlighting options and despite lacking back-end software, comes with a few nice features like lighting control and key locks. It does have membrane switches which are nobody's favourite and the frame rattles if you type hard and fast, but for the most part it is comfortable and easy to use.

It does occasionally suffer with keystrokes not registering, particularly with the space bar, but as long as you do not take your gaming too seriously it should not be the end of the world.


The M35 mouse however was a much better performer. It is light and fast and glides well across a decent cloth mat. Its sensor is accurate and can handle sensitivities up to 3,500 dpi with four steps, so has some options for those that prefer different settings in different scenarios. While not uncomfortable, it is not the most comfy to use and the forward and back buttons are too easy to press,but for the most part it is a solid performer.

While I would struggle to recommend the Octane kit to anyone that already has some gaming peripherals, for those just looking to make their gear look more like a gamers, the Cooler Master Octane bundle might not be a bad place to start.
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The Cooler Master Octane bundle is available at Overclockers UK for £45, HERE.

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  • Decent lighting options on both mouse and keyboard.
  • Mouse has a good sensor and smooth operation.
  • Keyboard has a few advanced functions.
  • Media keys and DPI on-the-fly switches included.
  • Both peripherals have a gamer look to them.


  • Keyboard's frame rattles during typing.
  • Membrane keys caused a few detection issues during gaming.
  • Mouse is not the most comfortable.
  • Keyboard feels budget.

KitGuru Says: The Cooler Master Octane bundle is not going to blow anyone away, but at the price it is quite a good deal.

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Rating: 7.5.

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  3. My new Octane keyboard has pretty colours, but the useful rightclick/contextmenu button only toggles the colour. They should have added another button specifically for that.