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Cherry MX 6.0 Keyboard Review

Cherry is a name that should be familiar to any PC user. It makes the MX switches which have shown up in just about every gamer and typist’s high-end keyboard over the past decade. Today we look at a board of its own design, featuring the same switches with a brand new …

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Roccat Ryos TKL Pro Review

Do you ever find yourself wondering why the modern keyboard design has not changed much in recent years? Who uses a CAPSLOCK key any more? And do we really need a numpad? While certain functions might require them, a lot of gamers do not and that extra desk space could …

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Cooler Master Octane M35 and MB7C review

Being a gamer is not necessarily cheap. If you want to do it on a console, it is going to cost you a few hundred on the latest system and then at least another triple digit figure to get all the controllers, games and accessories. While gaming PCs are a lot more …

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Steelseries Apex M800 mechanical keyboard

Even though most serious gamers use mechanical keyboards these days, many do not realise that the technology behind those key-switches is over 30 years old. With that in mind, it is no wonder that Steelseries are looking to reinvent the wheel with their new Apex M800 mechanical board. It incorporates Steelseries …

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Cougar 200K gaming keyboard review

Mechanical switches are not the only option available for the enthusiast user. Along with the traditional membrane keyboard that everyone graduates from at some point, there is the middle ground. The scissor key, (which is used in almost all laptops due to how low profile it can be), offers an …

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Ozone Strike Pro Cherry MX Red USB keyboard review

Technology is constantly evolving but some things never change. Mechanical keyboards have been with us for so long now and yet, they are still largely considered to be the pinnacle of PC input solutions. So what keeps us coming back to this style of keyboard? Today we are looking towards the …

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