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Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L keyboard and mouse review

Rating: 7.5.

Cooler Master has a history of trying to make peripheral packages for gamers on a budget. While we were not overly impressed with the last set up, it did prove at least that it is viable to make a pretty keyboard that does not cost the earth. (review HERE)

Well now it is back to try again, this time adding RGB lighting, Cherry MX keycap compatibility and a clean, matt design to the Masterkeys Lite L combo mouse and keyboard. That goes for the mouse too, which has ditched the transformers styling of the Octane mouse, for a much more traditional, rounded palm-rest design.


Of course looks can be deceiving. While this board may mention its “memchanical,” switches, make no mistake, this is a membrane board. That means we should not go in expecting mechanical comfort or performance, but perhaps Masterkeys Lite offers enough of a package at a competitive enough price, that gamers on a budget will have one more solid option when looking to move beyond stock peripherals.

Features and specifications


  • Memchanical switches blend mechanical keycaps with a membrane interface.
  • RGB backlighting provides multiple lighting options.
  • 26-key anti-ghosting to avoid missed key presses.
  • Compatible with Cherry MX keycaps.
  • Splash resistant.
  • Repeat rate and lighting controls mapped to function keys.


  • Infrared Avago 3050 sensor.
  • Omron switches for left and right mouse buttons.
  • RGB lighting in two different zones.
  • Dedicated DPI cycle switch for on-the-fly adjustment.
  • Teflon mouse feet.

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