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Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L keyboard and mouse review


The Masterkeys Lite mouse is a very understated piece of kit. It features a hard plastic, black shell, with only the faintest of lines separating out the palm rest from the side panels. The only real styling point when the mouse is not lit up, is the Cooler Master logo at the rear, which is near invisible in most lighting conditions.


The left and right sides of the mouse are near identical, with no thumb or finger grip material whatsoever on either. However the left does feature the classic two side-buttons, which provide forward and back functionality.


The underside gives you a good look at the centrally located infrared Avago 3050 sensor, as well as the three Teflon feet which should mean this mouse is nice and slippery on all sorts of surfaces.

The cable is non braided classic rubber with a standard nickel plated USB connector.


The keyboard is matt black with a similarly understated design. It is very neat and compact, with a white underbelly beneath the keycaps which should help dissipate the LED backlighting uniformly.

IMG_5923 IMG_5921

The keycaps are hard to remove, but if you pop them off you can see the white base for all of the keys. You can also see that the switches are designed to look just like mechanical housings, but they are not. They are however made of clear plastic, so should not inhibit LED lighting like some mechanical switches do.

IMG_5916 IMG_5917

The switches on this keyboard are “UV coated,” to make them long lasting and feature the classic concave shape of most keycaps. They also use translucent lettering across the board to allow the backlighting to shine through.

There are no macro switches on this board. While it does not do away with the tenkeys nor the arrows, it does cut back on space by minimising the surrounding bezel and keeps extra keys to a minimum.

That is why all of the media functions and lighting options are mapped to various keys as secondary functions. F1 through F7 all let you adjust modes, lighting colouring and brightness.


Media keys can be found in the home section, within easy reach of the FN key, so changing volume with one hand should be more than possible.


The underside of the board is similarly detail-free as the top side, though there are four feet to keep it in place.

IMG_5925 IMG_5927

The extender legs are made entirely of hardened rubber, which is a nice touch, as it means you do not lose out on too much grip when they are extended.

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