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Evolve nets a million F2P players, announces ‘radical’ reveal

Evolve struggled a lot during its first year of release, with over pushed DLC, matchmaking and content issues, but it's turned things around in the past few days, with more than a million players signing up since it went free to play. Now the developers are promising even more additions, with a “radical,” new update. [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zllUWn8veZA']

Evolve Stage 2 is the free to play version of the game but it brings with it much more than just a zeroed price tag. Stage 2 incorporates a number of major revamps and changes, making it possible for all players to dome a monster, thereby keep it corralled for a kill, there's new abilities for just about everyone, a revamped perk system, map redesigns and more.

All of that has lead to more than a million players picking up the game either for the first time or once again after a long lay-off. With a smaller team managing its futures, Evolve has a much greater chance of not only surviving, but thriving if even a small per centage of that new player base drops a few pounds on extra skins and items.

That's all well and good though, but what's the next big update Turtle Rock is teasing? We're mere days out from the release of Stage 2 and already it's talking up a “Radical new reveal,” which will arrive in the next 24 hours.

Considering the artwork, it's probably a new hunter to play with, but it's also possible that our pal Electro Griffin there could also usher in free to play versions on platforms other than PC.

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KitGuru Says: Have you taken another stab at Evolve? Does Stage 2 make the game more fun?

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