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Cooler Master SK630 and SK650 pack low-profile Cherry MX switches

For years, those looking to make the jump to a mechanical keyboard have had no choice but to opt for full-sized key switches, leaving those who prefer low-profile keyboards searching elsewhere. That has begun to change recently with the introduction of Cherry MX low profile keys. Cooler Master is amongst the first keyboard makers to make the jump, offering a full suite of low-profile, mechanical boards.

There are three keyboards in the new SK lineup. The SK630 and SK650 are the first to become available, both using a slim body, Cherry MX low-profile switches and a detachable USB Type-C cable for convenience. The SK630 of a 10-keyless version, or an 80% sized board, chopping off the numpad to save on space. Meanwhile, the SK650 is a full length keyboard with the numpad included.

We've had the chance to review the SK630 already, giving it our ‘WORTH BUYING' award. At the moment, both the SK630 and the SK650 are available with Cherry MX Red low-profile switches, although we are hoping to see other options later down the line. As you would expect, these keyboards come with per-key backlighting and RGB LEDs. You can control this via software, or via function keys on the keyboard itself.

Right now, the SK630 and SK650 are the first out of the door, with the former costing £119.99 and the latter costing £159.99. Eventually, wireless and Bluetooth versions of these keyboards are going to be made available. We are also going to be seeing the launch of the SK621 later in the year, which is an even more compact 60% sized keyboard, which will be great for travelling, or for saving even more desk space.

KitGuru Says: Cooler Master has made some of my favourite mechanical keyboards in recent years. If a Cherry Blue option for the SK630 becomes available, I'll be very interested myself. Are any of you planning on buying a new keyboard this year? What do you think of the new Cooler Master SK series? 

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