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Xtrfy launches K5 Compact series keyboards with full suite of customisation options

Since breaking onto the gaming keyboard scene in 2013, Xtrfy has continued to improve its design and offer a wider range of options. This week, Xtrfy is launching the new K5 Compact series, consisting of two ultra-customisable keyboards in a shrunk down 65% form factor. 

The K5 Compact is part of Xtrfy's fifth generation of keyboards. The K5 Compact is available in black or white, with both maintaining the same feature set and customisation options. Everything from the switches and stabilisers to the keycap and frame can be swapped out with custom solutions as the user sees fit.

Image credit: Xtrfy

The K5 Compact will be available pre-built at retailers, while online shoppers can explore the customisation options by ordering online. As you would expect from a company like Xtrfy, this keyboard is indeed esports-focused and has been tested by esports players throughout development. This paves the way for technologies like super-scan, which scans all keys every half a millisecond to ensure keystrokes are registered speedily.

The shrunk down, 65% form factor has not led to many sacrifices either, as many functions can be handled through various keyboard shortcut. Xtrfy even found some room to keep arrow keys in place for gaming.

The Xtrfy K5 Compact will be releasing this Spring, with pre-orders expected to open in March, with prices starting at $139.

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