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Final Fantasy 14’s free trial is finally returning

Back in December, Final Fantasy XIV soared to new heights with the launch of its Endwalker expansion. The player base grew to unexpectedly high levels, causing Square Enix to temporarily pause sales of the game and lock the game off for new trial accounts. Now a couple of months later, things have settled down, the game is back on sale again and this week, the free trial will also be returning for new players. 

During a live broadcast last night, Final Fantasy XIV producer and director, Naoki Yoshida, revealed the Endwalker post-launch roadmap, which will include more major patches containing new content updates, a game-wide graphical upgrade and more. One such upgrade is the revamped Trust System, which is being upgraded in Patch 6.1, allowing players to tackle more in-game dungeons with a party of NPCs, lessening the need to seek out a full party of players.

Aside from new main quests, side quests, challenges, gear, customisation items and features, the developers are also working on a new major graphics update for Final Fantasy XIV. This graphics update is planned to release alongside the next expansion, and will implement higher resolution textures, better materials, and improved lighting and shadows.

If you've been thinking about trying Final Fantasy XIV but don't want to put down money first, then you are in luck. The game's free trial, which offers all base game content, as well as the first expansion, Heavensward, will be available again to new account registrations starting tomorrow, the 22nd of February. The free trial allows you to play through hundreds of hours of content and level up to 60.

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KitGuru Says: Final Fantasy XIV was so popular in December that Square Enix had to stop people purchasing the game and creating trial accounts. It is perhaps the best problem for an on-going MMO to have. Fortunately, things will be getting back to normal tomorrow with free trials going live again. 

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