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Rosewill RK-9000 Keyboard Review

As we now have a better insight into what differs between low cost membrane keyboards and a mechanical keyboard like the Rosewill RK- 9000 so lets get onto the product analysis portion of our review.

The Rosewill RK-9000 is packaged in a sturdy cardboard package that contains a picture of the keyboard and a list of features and compatible operating systems.

The back of the package features images of the Cherry MX switches and the important product descriptions like the laser printed lettering on the key caps, the Gold plated USB connection and the high quality braided cable.

The Rosewill RK-9000 is a very solidly constructed unit that is built to last.  The first thing we noticed after the un-boxing was that this keyboard is heavy when compared to other less expensive units actually weighing in at a whopping 1600 grams.  We can put the weight down to the sturdy plastic body, the durable red metal inner chassis and all the Cherry MX Blue switches used when building this keyboard.

The RK-9000 is a very streamline layout that is totally standard other then the 2 Windows keys.  We were disappointed that there are none of the special multimedia keys that many other keyboards offer today considering it is marketed as a gaming keyboard.

The back side of the RK-9000 contains 4 solid rubber feet to keep the unit stationary on our desk and the 2 recessed stands that can be extended to raise the top edge of the keyboard.

In the lower left corner we can see one of the 2 Windows keys that provides us with instant access to the Windows Start Menu.

Located just below the Rosewill brand we have 3 small LED’s.  These correspond to the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Number Lock keys. If any of the key locks are active the LED illuminates with a subtle blue light that lets us know which one is active. It is not bright enough to offer any type of distraction but clearly indicates which ones are active.

The Rosewill RK- 9000 has a high quality braided cable and a gold plated USB connector to reduce latency and provide the most responsiveness from each and every key stroke.  When making a purchase such as a mechanical keyboard these high quality components prove to be very attractive to potential buyers.

Last but not least here is a picture that shows the Cherry Blue MX switch that we mentioned earlier. This is what is responsible for generating the old time clicking keystrokes. Each and every one of the keys on the RK-9000 requires one of these switches and while they are not quiet by any means they more then make up for it in response time and accuracy.

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