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Computex 2019: Thermaltake shows new cases and RGB gear

We already heard bits and pieces about Thermaltake's launches for Computex this year but today, our team at the show has been able to get up close with all of the new gear. In our video today, Leo takes a look at all of the cases currently on offer from Thermaltake, while Melissa checks out what TT has going on in the peripheral space, including the all new RGB motorised gaming desk.

Not everything at the Thermaltake booth is brand new this year. We previously saw the Level 20 series of cases in 2018 and again at CES. The Thermaltake Level 20 Battlestation is new though, we've seen prototypes before but now we have the final consumer version that can actually be bought. This is a motorised gaming desk, so you can set height profiles and sit or stand at your desk at the push of a button. It also has a built-in mouse pad on the surface and RGB going all the way around.

What we didn't see before this week was the A700 chassis, which joins Thermaltake's popular A-series of cases. The A700 is the bigger brother to the A500 mid-tower, bringing a full-tower design into the lineup for enthusiasts that need more space for their hardware. The A700 is built with aluminium, which seamlessly bends around the outside of the case from front to back. It also comes with a large tempered glass window, giving a good view of the build inside.

Since this is a full-tower case, it supports all motherboard sizes up to E-ATX. The built-in PSU cover will also help you hide cables and keep things looking clean. Dust filters are also provided at the top, bottom and front of the case. For cooling, the A700 can house up to three 140mm fans in the front, or two 200mm fans on top of a 420mm radiator for liquid cooling.

Another case coming to the lineup this year is the S300 Steel TG. This particular chassis is built with steel and has tempered glass side panels for a perfect balance between durability and presentation. It comes with a 200mm fan pre-installed at the front and uses a dismantable modular design, so you can strip the case down and re-mount parts in different ways, giving you the chance to add a personal touch to your build.

Last year, Thermaltake entered the memory market with WaterRAM, providing water-cooled memory dimms to the masses. This year, Thermaltake is expanding its RAM offerings with non water-cooled versions using chips from Samsung and SK Hynix. As you would expect, RGB lighting is included, which can all be controlled via Thermaltake’s RGB Plus software suite, which houses support for plenty of non-TT branded RGB products too. Thermaltake’s Tough RAM uses a 10-layer PCB and pre-binned memory ICs to ensure performance and good response times.

For those looking to get into liquid cooling, Thermaltake also has the Pacific CL360 Max D5 Hard Tube water cooling kit available. This will include hard tubes, a Pacific W5 RGB CPU block,  a Pacific PR22-D5 Plus Pump/Reservoir combo, a CL360 radiator and TT Riing RGB fans to go along with it. Eight G1/4 compression fittings and a bottle of T1000 clear coolant are also included, giving you all of  the tools you'll need to hit the ground running with custom water cooling.

KitGuru Says: There is a lot of new hardware here to dig in to from Thermaltake. Are any of you looking to pick up something new this year? 

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