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Computex 2019: MSI shows off new cases, gaming monitors and more

Today at Computex our team on the ground stopped by MSI's booth to check out all of the new gear, including X570 motherboards, a very unique curved PC case, new monitors and plenty of peripherals. 


On the peripheral front, things are pretty standard with a Cherry MX Red GK60 keyboard, a GM30 gaming mouse, a new mouse pad and the GH50 gaming headset. Things were more exciting on the monitor front though. Over the course of 2018, MSI became the fastest growing gaming monitor brand on the market and to keep that ball rolling, we will be getting new displays this year. The Optix MPG341CQR is one of the highlights, featuring a 3440×1440 curved panel, a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and DisplayHDR 400 certification. The Optix MAG312 Curved is also on the way, which is MSI's first 4K monitor.

On the case side of things, MSI announced the MEG Alchemy 700X PC case, which is being touted as the world's first curved gaming case. It is an open air chassis that lets you separate your components and lay them out in any way you see fit. The build we saw in the video showcases MSI's now GODLIKE X570 motherboard and the MSI RX Vega 56 with hard tube water cooling running across.

MSI is also launching a new line of ‘MPG' cases, which stands for MSI Performance Gaming. The MPG Sekira 300X is the entry point, which is a mid-tower primarily aimed at reducing noise. We were told that the laminated glass windows reduce noise by around 10 to 15 percent, which should be particularly good for X570 as many of those new boards use active cooling.

From there, we have several variations of the MPG Sekira 500, with a 500X, 500G and 500P case all coming this year. The 500X is the most expensive of the bunch with a $219 MSRP- this version is a sleek looking mid-tower with an RGB front panel and four RGB Cooler Master fans. Three of those fans are 200mm with the last one being a 120mm rear fan, so airflow/cooling should not be an issue. There is an extractable radiator bracket in the roof to make liquid cooling installation easier.

From there, we'll also be getting the MPG Sekira 500G at $199 and the MPG Sekira 500P at $179. The 500G is a gold aluminium design and doesn't ship with the Cooler Master fans found in the 500X. The MPG Sekira 500P is a mystery at the moment but we'll hopefully have more to share on that one soon.

Finally, this week MSI also began showing off its new X570 motherboard lineup, with the X570 GODLIKE sitting at the top of the pile as the flagship model. We have a full breakdown on MSI's X570 motherboard lineup, HERE. We also covered some of MSI's new gaming laptop announcements earlier this week, which you can find HERE.

KitGuru Says: MSI is expanding on all fronts this year with more gaming monitors, laptops, cases and motherboards. Is there anything on the list that you might be picking up?

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