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Gioteck EX-O5S Gaming Headset Review

Rating: 5.5.

We have reviewed plenty of expensive gaming headsets available this year, but what sort of quality can you expect if you only have around £20 to spend? Today we are taking a look at the Gioteck EX-O5s gaming headset, sitting proudly in the budget end of the market.

The Gioteck EX-O5s Gaming Headset offers ‘advanced noise reduction', ‘HD audio' and a noise cancelling microphone. It is also compatible with the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 – as well as Mac and Windows based computers.


  • Noise isolating ear cups.
  • Noise isolating microphone.
  • In-line controls.
  • 40mm speaker drivers.
  • Console compatibility.
  • Mac OS X and Windows compatibility.
  • 5m cable.
  • USB, TV and 3.5mm audio jack adapters.

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  1. valgarlienheart .

    Try looking at the Tecknet headset on amazon, only £20 and has surround sound, I have it and it’s great can’t fault it.

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  3. I wasn’t impressed. The cable is very long but there are too many connections to get tangled up at the end. The volume control is quite heavy and constantly drags at one side of the headphones. The sound was a long way short of the £20 Philips headphones I picked up at Argos. I could tolerate most of those things, but then one of the earcups broke off shortly after the warranty ran out – make sure you pick this item up by the uncomfortable steel straps, NOT by one earcup because the mounting point can’t handle the weight of the whole assembly.

  4. i have had this headset twice now and each time the microphone has stopped working. this headset is good for about 2 months before if breaks

  5. I’ve had these before if I remember correctly. I kept hearing a small buzzing sound every time the RCA connectors touched, after a few months use the buzzing never stopped.

  6. I feel these are being poorly review. They’re not amazingly expensive, but the sound quality is pretty good, and if you put the volume on full, they’re a lot louder than my laptops built-in speaker (I actually use them as speakers occasionally!) I also disagree with the gripe about the headband, I find it very comfortable and easy to adjust, I’ll happily wear it for hours on end (although the whole build is rather heavy and does begin to press down on your ears) There is a lot of cable to deal with with these headphones, but I use small velco cable managers (cheap to grab on amazon) to handle the spare wires when not in use.

  7. Just don’t let the RCA touch? You’d get the same kind of buzzing if you were to touch any other live speaker cables to metal…

  8. I’ve had my headset for over a year and it still works great! Microphone is holding up well too. (I’ve got a friend who actually uses the in built microphone for singing on youtube videos. Not amazing quality, but definitely clear enough)

  9. Tommy Henriksson

    Buy headphones + a modmic from amazon save 50-200 dollars and get MUCH MUCH better sound and mic quality, instead of buying a stupid headset with 20 dollar drivers and a 50 cent mic attached costing often 100+ dollars more with stupid “Sound made for gaming” slogans, there is no special kind of sound you need for gaming and virtual surround sound headsets just make the sound quality worse and doesnt make a difference because almost all the games you play have built in “virtual surround” so you can position a sound with just a normal pair of stereo headphones. And if you need your fake (virtual) surround sound in movies download something like a razer surround sound software, because that is all it is just a software that changes digital, to analog and makes it sound like its coming from different directions.

  10. Charles Charalambous

    I agree fully. I had the issue of a crappy onboard sound card so I used usb headsets. I swapped got an asus xonar d2x, then got some beyerdynamic headphones and a samsungo clipmic and the quality is so much better it is ridiculous. At first i didn’t think it was but once I booted ARMA the difference was like firing a toy gun to a real gun. Will not go back now