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NZXT announces new suite of audio devices

NZXT is well known for cases and RGB lighting accessories and now, the company hopes to be recognised for audio gear too. Today, NZXT announced its first set of audio peripherals, including a headset, a headphone stand and an audio mixer.

The series starts off with the AER Headset series, with a lightweight 291g design, Hi-Res Audio certified drivers, a modular cable, virtual 7.1 surround sound audio and finally, open or closed back options. With a closed back pair, you will get better noise isolation, less sound leakage and more powerful bass. Meanwhile, an open back pair will create a wider sound stage, which can be more immersive. With a USB connection, you can also activate Nahimic 7.1 surround sound, which will space audio out further through the NZXT CAM software.

The headset cable is modular, so you will have easy cable routing whether your PC is on the right or left hand side of you. This also means if your cable suffers wear and tear over time, it can easily be replaced without buying a new headset. The headset's microphone can also be swapped into either of these ports. Using a 3.5mm headphone jack will enable compatibility with consoles, PCs and smartphones, so you can use the headphones across multiple devices. We are currently waiting on UK pricing, but for now, the US launch price is $129.99.

To go along with the headphones, NZXT is releasing the ‘STND', which as the name suggests, is a headphone stand. It uses a power-coated steel frame for durability and can be used in conjunction with the MXER audio controller, allowing the controller to detect when the headset is placed back on the stand and switch your audio back over to your speakers automatically.

The MXER has a Wolfson DAC built in for 24-bit, 96KHz digital to analogue audio conversion. With the headphones connected to this, you can also activate the Nahimic 7.1 virtual surround sound audio. The big button on top lets you switch between speakers or headphone audio, while the fader on the side lets you adjust the balance of voice chat audio and game audio.

The NZXT STND will be available for $39.99 and the MXER audio control station will hit the market at $99.99.

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KitGuru Says: NZXT has gone all in with an ecosystem of gaming audio gear for their first step into the market. It all sounds quite good on paper, so it will be interesting to see reviews later on. What do you all think of NZXT's headset, mixer and stand combo?

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