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Sharkoon launches Pure and Power monitor stands

Sharkoon is well-known for offering PC gear and peripherals at reasonable prices. This week, the company is expanding its repertoire with a new monitor riser stand, complete with an integrated USB hub and a wireless charger, so you can drop your phone on top and keep it juiced up while you play games or get work done.

There are two versions of this monitor stand hitting the market. The Sharkoon Monitor Stand ‘Pure’ is a little taller, creating extra storage space underneath the riser to stash away cables, a keyboard and mouse or other accessories. Meanwhile, the Sharkoon Monitor Stand ‘Power’ comes with a built-in USB hub and wireless charging station.

Both stands support a more ergonomic sitting position by raising the screen and free up some extra space on top of the desk as it raises a monitor’s built-in stand above your keyboard/mouse. This is particularly useful for smaller desks, as some gaming monitor stands can be especially bulky nowadays.

The Power version’s wireless charging station uses a contact surface on the top, right side of the stand. So if your smartphone supports wireless charging, all you will need to do is place it down and the stand will do the rest. The USB hub also gives you four extra USB ports, which can always come in handy.

Both versions are available now, with the PURE going for €19.99 and the POWER going for €44.99.

KitGuru Says: This won’t be for everyone but I am sure there are more than a few readers out there that would find something like this useful. I could do with some more desk space and USB ports myself. Do any of you use a monitor rising stand at all? Would you consider getting one with extra features like a USB hub and wireless charging?

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