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Zowie gaming peripherals is now part of BenQ

A few of our readers have likely heard of Zowie at this point, we have reviewed several Zowie mice since 2014 and have often come away with positive impressions. Now, Zowie is changing a bit, as the gaming peripheral brand will now be used by BenQ at eSports events and tournaments.

BenQ has invested a significant amount of money in Zowie, so much so that the two companies have since partnered, making Zowie the official eSports brand for BenQ. The Zowie name will be applied to future products including gaming monitors.

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Along with this announcement, Zowie has refreshed a few of its gaming mice with some minor tweaks to things like the switches used. On top of that, there are some new mouse pads and a desk cable management accessory, which shows off the new logo and colour scheme.

KitGuru Says: Zowie has earned itself a pretty good reputation recently, so this seems like a good way for BenQ to become more prominent in the eSports and gaming scene. Do any of you use a Zowie mouse? Are you happy with it? 

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