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Sony announce world’s first OLED 4k 56 inch TV

Sony can now dismiss previous reports that they were abandoning the OLED TV market with the announcement of their new 56 inch OLED High Definition television set. The new prototype has been announced as the “world’s first and largest 56-inch 4K OLED TV.”

OLED technology will be a fantastic next step for high definition consumer television sets. So far they have been held back by manufacturing problems, but LG and Sony seem to be on track. LG are in fact releasing their 55 inch OLED set in South Korea next month. Sony have gone 1 inch bigger in a public battle against LG.

The Sony screen also touts 4k resolution (3,840×2,160) rather than the ‘plain' 1080p resolution of the LG panel. Sony have yet to announce a release date however so LG have the advantage in that regard.

OLED panels use low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) thin film transistors to force light through the OLED layer. The new prototype panel uses oxide semiconductor TFTs and uses Sony's ‘Super Top Emission' technology which is found in some of the current Sony technology.

Sony claim that these technologies are helping to reduce the manufacturing issues of enabling light to be ‘efficiently extracted from the OLED layer to retain high brightness, rapid response times and contrast ratio'. Wide viewing angles are also a benefit of OLED technology.

Kitguru says: We have no indication of the price of this new 4K OLED television, but it is likely to cost a pretty penny when it is released.

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